The End of My Year

We asked our eMentors: What was the end of your senior year like? Take a look at some of their stories below.


I absolutely loved the end of my senior year.  Everything was wrapping up, college acceptance letters had come, I only had one AP test to study for, the weather was beautiful, and finals were going to be a breeze.  There was this permanent aura of excitement around my high school and EVERYONE was in a good mood.  As far as particular events go, state for dance team, prom, and graduation all hold particularly warm memories for me.

Dance team was a huge part of my life senior year.  I was co-captain of my team and was dancing a total of 17 hours a week before and after class (I will probably never be in that good of shape again).  We did extremely well throughout our season and were able to take a hip hop number, a lyrical number, and a production number to state, where we won third and fourth place trophies.  Doing so well at state was incredibly rewarding and the perfect way to top off the end of my time at Kentlake.  There’s nothing quite like tuning out everything around you and dancing until you feel like you want to collapse…it’s a very Zen-like feeling.

Prom couldn’t have been any better for me.  I was on ASB and spent HOURS with my friends planning and scouring Seattle and Bellevue for the perfect place to have it.  We found this gorgeous private club at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Bellevue: it was all windows, had crystal chandeliers, and beautiful mahogany wood everywhere (it’s the details that count).  My dress ended up being the first one I tried on and deep down I’m sad that the only time I’ll get that dressed up again is for my wedding.  Thankfully I have about a million pictures chronicling the event!  I went to the dance with my best friends and the sweetest date in the world, who I am STILL dating.  We danced a lot, laughed even more, and all happily passed out dead asleep on our way home.  Still one of my favorite memories from high school…

Graduation was exhausting, exhilarating, and kind of a blur.  When I think back on it I can catch little snippets of what the ceremony was like, but I think I was too excited to remember much.  My parents, sweet grandparents, and favorite uncle were all there to celebrate with me.  It was heartwarming to see all my friends in their caps and gowns together in the massive Tacoma Dome (which gave the ceremony a lot of dignity, I think).  I had the opportunity to help the teachers select who would be our student speakers, so luckily I heard all the speeches beforehand (otherwise I would have been too excited to remember them).  When we all stood up and threw our caps in the air, I distinctly remember thinking incredulously it was over.  It was bittersweet…


For my senior year, in a sure effort to decrease the graduation rate my high school made the start time at 7:25 am. This effectively made me zombie like for the first part of most of the day- I did learn however how to zip my head into the backpack to take naps on my desk during class. But let’s start with academics: I did finish strong my senior year because after getting wait listed by UW, I was trying to prove I was somewhat smart. I did great in all my classes except for statistics, no small feat considering the early start times and my less than stellar attendance record. My last memory of statistics is of shredding up a bunch of paper and putting it in my hands, pretending to sneeze and shooting it all over the class, then getting sent to the office. Needless to say I was having some focus problems. But, I balanced that by passing the Stats AP test (I still think it was an internal error by the AP board however), and also passing the AP Government test with good enough grades for credit at UW! I studied harder for those AP tests than I ever had, but it was great prep for college because I soon learned it takes that amount of studying for every test in college.

Outside of my classes I was also really involved with leadership during my senior year. Our school district was hiring a new superintendent and I was put on the student group interviewing candidates. I also was busy planning assemblies and other events for ASB, our last event was a Lego building contest during lunchtime so that my friend and I could relive our childhoods. My best leadership achievement during my senior year was being chosen my school’s graduation speaker. I was class choice which was an honor, and despite being nervous about speaking in front of 3000 people the speech went well, I spent most of it quoting Kung Fu Panda and telling stories from our high school.

I ended my high school sports career with track in the spring, arguably my worst sport. I was just fast enough to excel and football and basketball, but not fast enough to be a track star. I scrapped out a few third places, but mostly just enjoyed goofing around and playing pranks for 2 hours with my friends every day after school.

I went to Prom with my girlfriend (whom I am still with) but we had to ride in this horrible hummer limo and as other cars passed by us they stared in disgust… it was so embarrassing. On the last day of school my friends convinced me to drive them out my high schools farm where they wanted to catch a chicken or something. Anyways at like 2 am we were trekking across the farm when one of my friends spooks the guard dogs we didn’t know lived there. The dogs bolted for us so we sprinted across a field back to my car and along the way woke up the cows. Nothing in my life has been more terrifying than stampeding cows in the middle of the night; I ended up hiding behind a tree as the cows raced by. My other friends fared little better just hopping the fence before the dogs got to them. We were so scared we stayed up all night and barely made it through our last day of school. Talk about finishing strong!

The end of my senior year was a blast though- I recommend everyone savor it because it’s a unique time that never really comes up in the same way in your life again. Make sure to have fun but not too much fun.


My last semester at my high school was very exciting and at the same time emotional.  I have already received my acceptance letter from the university so I spent most of my time browsing on the University website.  I had to decide what dorm to live in, I had to sign up for my orientation date, and I was also trying to figure out what classes to take.   This aspect was sometimes scary because it made the end of high school very real.

I had a part time job my last semester, on average I worked eight to twelve hours a week.  It was very manageable considering I didn’t have a lot of course load.  I also happen to be in classrooms with teachers who were lenient in our course work and spend most of the class time having discussions about colleges.  Amongst these classes were my AP Language Arts and my Law and Society class.

Even though I was against going to prom, I ended up deciding to go last minute (a week early).  I did everything in a rush, buying my ticket, finding a dress and so on.  My prom date was my younger sister, and as corny as that sounds I had a blast with her and ended up going to her prom a year later.

My graduation was also a very exciting time; it was the final step that solidified the end of high school.  Although I wasn’t very attached to my high school, it felt a bit uncomfortable to realize that the safety nest of high school had come to an end.  After the graduation ceremony my parents had a small party at the house, and close family friends and my friends came to congratulate me.  The whole experience was a blur of extreme high and low emotions.   I think that’s how everyone feels when leaving something they have done for a long time and starting something new.


The end of my senior year was a bit anti-climactic. It was an exciting time in my life but be forewarned, graduating high school is nothing like how it is in the movies. The weeks leading up to May were mostly spent preparing for AP tests. My senior year I took the AP Calculus test as well as the AP Psychology test. After AP testing was done, so was most of my intense studying.

My high school had its prom at Union Station in Seattle. I went with a group of my closest friends so the night was definitely worth all of the effort and planning. Although, looking back at my prom dress, I have no idea what I was thinking. I can’t believe I spent hundreds of dollars on that dress. Needless to say, I will never be wearing my prom dress again.

Graduation and grad night at my high school were both on the same day. Our graduation was at the Tacoma Dome and grad night was at a few different locations around Seattle (like the athletic center and a restaurant in Ballard). I have some pretty good memories from my high school graduation, mostly because I spent the day with my family and friends. My mom is really big on graduations, so my room is full of mementos from the Things Remembered store. I have a picture frame, an album, a snow globe, and a blanket, all of which are personalized with my graduation year and name.


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