eMentors’ Big Give: Manmeet, Beza, Jocelyn

This week, we asked the eMentors: Suppose a genie appeared and gave you a million dollars, but only under the condition that you had to spend half of it on yourself and half of it philanthropically (for the benefit of others.) How would you spend that money? See their answers here…


On others:

$200,000 would have to go to the UW Dream Project. The Dream Project is a completely student-initiated outreach program that assists mostly first-generation and low-income high school students through the college admissions process. I know how hard everyone in this program works and half a million dollars would allow us to work with so many more high school students. I’d specifically set aside $100,000 for scholarships for incoming freshman.

$200,000 would go to my family.  My parents have sacrificed so much for me and they deserve to buy themselves something nice. Also, both my sister and my brother want to be doctors so I’m sure they could use a little extra money for medical school. Check out these two soon-to-be doctors below:

$100,000 would be spent on random acts of kindness. I think I’d start small, by paying for the groceries of the people behind me in line or paying for everyone’s meal at a restaurant. It would also be really awesome to buy something nice for all of the role models in my life.

On myself:

To be honest, I would probably save most of my half million. Law school costs at least $120,000 and it would be great if I could graduate debt free. But saving is boring, right? Let’s assume that I don’t have any other expenses…

$80,000 would go toward a brand new Audi A8. I absolutely love Audis and I have wanted one since I first got my license when I was 16.

$20,000 would be spent on the most epic shopping spree ever. I’m not that big on shopping but with this much money, I would go crazy at JCrew, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom. I also REALLY need a new laptop…like maybe a MacBook Pro?

$10,000 would be spent on concert tickets. There are so many artists that I want to see in concert, like Coldplay, Blue Scholars, Adele, Tracy Chapman, Iron and Wine, Mumford and Sons,  John Legend, and of course, Lil Wayne. I knew I’d find another way to incorporate Lil Wayne into my blog. Yessss.

$70,000 would go toward buying my own Chipotle restaurant. I’m sure it would cost a whole lot more than that to buy an entire restaurant but at the very least, $70,000 would buy me a lifetime supply of the most delicious burritos ever.

$100,000 would go toward my travel adventures. If I could, I would spend the rest of my life just traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. Lately, I’ve really wanted to visit South America. I would love to be there for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!

My last $100,000 would be invested in either real estate or the stock market… because you know what’s better than $1,000,000? $2,000,000.


If a genie gave me $1,000,000 and if I was required to spend half of it on myself, the one thing I would do is TRAVEL!!!  $500,000 should be enough to go around the world and visit amazing cities while learning everything there is to learn about the places I visit. I would take cooking classes, dancing classes and languages just for fun.


The half of the money that I have to spend philanthropically is the hard part. I would love to donate a significant amount of money to an existing organization or maybe several organizations. But if I donate money I would want to see where the money has been spent and the progress the organization has made.  It is also very challenging to choose a specific organization amongst the millions that exist. So to avoid this dilemma I will start and fund my own organization that will be geared towards helping children from all around the world get quality education and reach their full potential.


On Others…

200,000 dollars would go to the organization that I currently intern with King County Sexual Assault Resource Center.  The organization’s goals are to bring light to issues pertaining to sexual violence, work as advocates throughout the legal process for victims and to offer free services to everyone who needs their help.  KCSARC is well established; however, in these tough economic times nonprofits are being hit especially hard. This money would go a long way in helping them to maintain all of their services.

100,000 dollars would go to the University of Washington Green Dot program.  The University of Washington is attempting to utilize the Green Dot program to raise awareness that violence does occur on campus and there are proactive steps students can take to end it.  This money would help the program to increase the number of workshops they have, and it would allow for them to gain more visibility on campus.

“No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.”

200,000 dollars would be donated to the Innocence Lost Task Force of Washington State.  This program is federally run, and is aimed at ending sexual exploitation of children.  The money would go towards not only getting children off the streets but it would also go towards aftercare.  Aftercare consists of rehab programs, housing and education for all of the young children involved in domestic slavery.

On myself…

The first think I would do is put away 100,000 dollars to pay of college loans.  I am hoping to go to Law school following undergraduate and with an advanced degree come some hefty loans!

If I was spending blindly on anything that I wanted I would purchase this vehicle.

I love Audi’s and although the 2011 Audi R8 is impractical, it’s beautiful and like I said, I love it.  This car costs 114,000 dollars, so yes, the price of some small houses… but this is my splurge item!

To go in my passenger seat I would buy two dogs. They’d need to squeeze, but it could work.

500 X 2 = $1,000

20,000 dollars would be used to go on two trips, one to Rekyavik, Iceland and one to England.  The first trip is a gift for my boyfriend; he really wants to go there.  I believe he read in a book that Iceland was a beautiful country and offered a lot to travelers, ever since then it has become his dream destination.  The second trip is for my parents and brother.  My family on my mother’s side comes from England, and Detroit… but we will stick with England for our trip. It would be nice to see where my mother grew up. Plus she has always wanted to take us there.

Iceland                                  England

The remaining 265,000 dollars would go towards helping my parents build their lake cabin that they are hoping to retire to. My parents have already purchased the land and this money would go a long way in helping them payoff the actual cost of the cabin, in fact it may pay for the whole thing.  Their cabin is located on Priest Lake in Idaho.


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